Film and Media Production

Pros from Dover Productions is an independent film and media production company, owned and directed by Greg Smith since 1984. From the pre-production process (location scouting, script revisions, assembling the crew), to the set (filming, sound recording, transportation), to post-production (editing, music composition, foley, ADR), we have over 30 years experience in every aspect of the process.

Through our associations with Lucasfilm Ltd., IMAX Films, National Geographic and many other film companies and studios, we have dozens of films to our credit, including some of the most successful and distinctive films of the past three decades. We’re uniquely qualified to provide services for or consult on any feature or documentary film,  music or media project — large or small — from concept to production through release.

Music Composition and Production

This is one of our favorite ways to spend a day. We sometimes feel like we should pay each client for working on their project. (But let’s not go nuts here.) Whether it’s a single piece or an entire soundtrack, we can compose the perfect music, tailored to your needs, on a per-project basis. And if you’d like, we can go one step further: producing your music project, assembling musicians to play on it, and/or recording it in a studio or environment that suits you.

PFD draws from a pool of multi-talented composers/performers of various styles and genres: from rock to pop, classical to jazz, ethnic and world music, and everything in between. From start to finish; budgeted either by the project or by the hour. It doesn’t matter the size or scope, it’s what’s written and recorded that will bring out the best in your final project.

Scriptwriting and Editing

The words we use to express ourselves are the keys to our success. So why invest all that time in finding the right words, only to have the final presentation hampered by poor storytelling or editing? Whether it’s a script for film, television or radio…a work of fiction or non-fiction for a book project…copy for an advertising campaign…or any other form of the written word, Pros from Dover Productions has over 30 years of writing and editing experience. Our clients include major film production companies, book publishers, radio and television networks and advertising agencies from coast to coast. We provide services in scriptwriting, storyline brainstorming, image enhancement, clarity commitment, as well as first-pass through final-pass editing.  The best editors help communicate an idea or image without getting in the way of the written word. It’s your story, made better by us.