The stories we tell define our times and shape the world around us.

Whether it’s a tale of adventure across the sands of the deserts of Kazakhstan, an investigative reporter piece from Capitol Hill, or a goodnight story to our children, a story well-told is indelible and timeless. Film and media production, music composition and writing: three fields with much in common; namely, the story.

Since 1984, Pros from Dover Productions has been involved in various aspects of all three: the broad scope of film and media, the discipline and precision of the written word and the emotional, ethereal quality of the musical form.

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In the Media


Greg Smith recently appeared in NPR’s Protojournalist feature discussing his work as a sound recorder and producer: “There is a legendary gunshot and ricochet used in countless Hollywood movies, and a friend and I went to New Mexico this summer to try to replicate it.”

The Washington Post

One more write-up on the sound in Lincoln, by The Washington Post’s DeNeen L. Brown. Thanks for that.

American University

Writing for American University, Angela Modany discusses recording Lincoln with PFD’s Greg Smith.

The Washington Post

“A sound effect is a living thing. It runs, pops, squeaks, rumbles, roars. For it to sit on a shelf in CDs and collect dust doesn’t make sense.” The Washington Post’s DeNeen Brown discusses Greg Smith’s 1,500-sound effect donation to the American University library.

American University

Rosemary D’Amour profiles Greatest Scene Ever, a show at American University produced by PFD’s Greg Smith:

Film professor Greg Smith asks his students a very simple question: what is the greatest scene ever? The answers come from his students readily, from films like Gone With the Wind and North by Northwest. The challenge comes when he asks them another simple question: why?

LA Times

A favorable review by Kevin Thomas of NASCAR: The IMAX Experience, with sound by Greg Smith. Interview postscript (not available online):

You could call it ‘NASCAR: The Sound Experience.’ The just-released film has already won the top award from the Giant Screen Theater Association (their version of the Oscars) for “Best Sound”. One listen to the magnificent soundtrack, recorded in the field by Greg Smith, and you’ll understand why.

Music Monthly

Maryland Music Monthly’s Susie Mudd reviews The Santa Cause, Vol. 4, featuring Greg Smith’s “Angel (At The Top of the Tree).” Thanks for that.

The Gazette

“The perfect song is in between what is real and what is accessible.” Chris Slattery reviews Greg Smith’s Training the Beagle for The Gazette.

Taylor Guitars

Taylor Guitars on PFD’s Greg Smith: “On Training the Beagle, Smith counterbalances bright rock ‘n’ roll jangle and Everly Brothers harmonies with darker, moodier elements, exploring the clash between romantic ideals and reality.”